Pool Renovation Ideas To Revitalize Your Backyard Oasis

Remodeled Pool Designs And Affordable Renovations Can Revitalize A Backyard

Swimming Pool In The Backyard With Concrete Deck

For many homeowners and their families, the current state of the economy has led them to consider, or to perhaps reconsider, how and where they spend any disposable income and pass their leisure time. Although it may have once been fashionable to travel and/or to own a second residence, many have now chosen to invest in stay-at-home pastimes, particularly a backyard swimming pool.

However, even though pools can provide countless hours of fun and entertainment, their designs can become somewhat stale over time, much like vacationing in the same place time after time, year after year. For this reason, in conjunction with their stay-at-home preferences, home owners may think about pool renovations as a means of revitalizing their backyard retreats or oases.

In addition to the overall aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation of their backyard, plus the generally positive feeling that is often associated with simply having something new, there are a number of situations when and why home owners might want to reconsider their pool designs and/or undertake some pool renovations. Such circumstances can include:

  • Pool designs that have outlived their original purpose
  • Pools that were constructed using older technology/standards
  • Purchasing an established home (resale) that already has a pool
  • Improving energy consumption via newer, high-efficiency equipment
  • Pools exhibiting obvious signs of aging – cracks, fading, worn surfaces
  • When family size and/or needs have changed since pool was first installed
  • When pool renovations would augment refreshed or upgraded landscaping
  • Preventative measures as a means of avoiding the cost of a full replacement

Keeping in mind that budgetary considerations will need to be part of the equation, there are several types of pool renovations that homeowners can pursue to reinvigorate and revitalize their backyard escapes/havens. A list of options might contain the following:

  • Pool designs
    • Converting to a vanishing edge or infinity edge style
    • Changes in water depth – from shallow/deep ends to one uniform depth
    • Addition of walk-in steps, tanning ledges, in-the-pool tables and chairs
    • Adding/upgrading pool accessories such as water slides, diving rocks, hot tubs
    • Decking – renovations may include extensions, new coping, full replacement
    • Interior of the pool – new liner, wall resurfacing, adding/updating waterline tile
    • Addition of water features – fountains, waterfalls, deck jets, rain curtains
    • Energy conservation upgrades
      • High-efficiency heaters and pumps, high-capacity filters, LED lighting
      • Automated systems
        • Saltwater conversion
        • Automatic pool covers
        • Robotic pool cleaners

Remodeled pool designs and affordable pool renovations can have a dramatic impact in terms of reviving/refreshing the overall ambiance and enjoyment of a backyard oasis or sanctuary. To ensure the maximum effect and maximum return on their investment, pool owners would be well-advised to capitalize upon the experience and expertise of a full-service swimming pool contractor such as Aveco Pools.

Plan Pool Renovations For Off-Peak Periods To Maximize Time For Enjoyment

With the cyclical nature of the weather in Toronto and the GTA, the outdoor swimming season is limited to a few months. In order to maximize the amount of time available to enjoy their pool, homeowners should consider scheduling pool renovations/upgrades in off-peak times, preferably the fall or perhaps the winter.

To do so, planning discussions with our pool contractors should take place much earlier in the calendar year to allow sufficient lead time for:

  • An on-site inspection while the pool is operational
  • Development/proposal of ideas/recommendations
  • Creation and approval of any new pool designs
  • Homeowner budgeting or financial arrangements

For more than 35 years, we have been providing pool owners with a full range of year-round services that include:

  • Pool designs
  • Construction/installation
  • Pool renovations and upgrades
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Openings and closings

If you have the need or desire to revitalize your backyard retreat or oasis, we can recommend some pool renovations that are both impactful and affordable. Call our experts at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us to discuss how we can help revive and reinvigorate your backyard pool experience.